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Impressive Speed

Intelligent scan-detecting algorithm for quick and efficient intraoral scanning​



No need for powder in most regular cases for a seamless scanning process and increased patient comfort


Medit i500 Intra Oral Scanner

Still a great scanner, the Medit i500 is now more affordable than ever. We have new, ex-demo and refurb units available subject to availability.

Small Tip

Simple maneuverability and improved patient comfort​

Single Button Control

Pressing a single button on the device to start, stop, and move to the next scanning stage

High Resolution

Easy to locate margin lines, undercuts, and the distinction between tooth structure and soft tissue​

Vivid Colour

3D full-color streaming capture for precise scans and detail-rich images

Video Type

The 3D-in-motion video technology for rapid video-based scans


280-gram weight and a comfortable grip

System Requirements for Medit i500

The following are the requirements for using the i500 with Medit Scan for Clinics.

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