Medit i700 Wireless Intraoral Scanner

The Medit i700 intraoral scanner leads the market with its incredible speed, versatility and value. Is it the best scanner available? We think so. Now it’s been upgraded to the Medit i700 Wireless. Free from any wiring, scanning is even more effortless without any constraints and the added mobility. 

Unleash your clinic’s potential with the groundbreaking new Medit i700w. With outstanding battery life, the Medit i700w will last all day and remains light and beautifully balanced. With this brand new feature, Medit’s unsurpassed innovation continues to develop and deliver the best scanning experience, powerful hardware and intelligent software upgrades via Medit link for a scan unlike any other. For easy entry in digital dentistry, Medit remains the leading brand.

180° Reversible Scan Head

The Medit i700 and i700 wireless scanning window has also increased in size without noticeably affecting the already small scanner head. The tip is reversible and autoclavable at least 100 times, increasing comfort of use and ease with maintenance whilst at the same time improving the desired angle for optimised patient comfort.

Medit i700 2X Super Speed

The Medit i700 and Medit i700w are fast. Very fast. There’s nothing faster. It scans up to 70 frames per second, twice the speed of the Medit i600 which is no slouch itself. In experienced hands, the Medit i700 saves time; big time.  Rapid scan fast scanning data transfer.

Remote Control Button

Remote-control mode allows clinicians to always keep their hands on the unit and easily show the patient the scan data, making communication easier for every dentist.

UV-C LED Disinfection

Built-in UV-C LED disinfection makes the Medit i700 and Medit i700 wireless the only devices on the market with self-disinfecting capabilities. Just another of the intelligent features of the Medit i700.

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Features continued

Long battery life that may vary depending on usage times

System Requirements for Medit i700 Wireless

The following are the requirements for using the i700 Wireless with Medit Scan for Clinics.

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Windows Specifications

Mac OS Specifications

Computer Requirements

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