As the demand for in-house milling production began to rise steadily, a simple to use, lighter edition of hyperDENT was created.  This CAM software unlocks the true potential of common bench top-type mills while staying sensitive to the lower-cost nature of this machine category.  All of the key advantages, of a fast, safe, efficient and precise workflow process that hyperDENT is renowned for, is maintained.  Therefore, although this edition is light, it contains all of the core requirements that any lab would need.  With its user-friendly interface, extensive training is not required and can therefore be used by technicians without previous CAD/CAM experience.

FOLLOW-ME!’s flagship product allows for the in-house production of ALL your digitally designed dental applications.  Its robust features and unique customisation options give labs and milling centres complete control of their manufacturing needs.

Containing all that is included in Compact, this version is a step up and is suitable for large-sized labs, where simultaneous production on multiple projects is required.  Features such as multi part roughing contribute to workflow efficiency by reducing material waste, increasing tool life and decreasing milling times.  Additionally, customers are able to create their own part types to clarify a wider range of products within the software.  This enables the customer to specify separate parameters and tool paths for their newly created indications.



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