Mihm-Vogt HTS-2 Sintering Furnace

Mihm-Vogt HTS-2 Sintering Furnace



The redesigned HTS-2 model series combines the well-known features of previous models.

The HTS-2 offers you not only the fusion of the properties of old models, but also a larger sintering capacity of up to 80 individual crowns. The heating system with four high-performance molybdenum disilicide heating elements (MoSi2) means that you can now choose whether to use the conventional long-term sintering or the SPEED-sintering with a heat-up rate up to 99°C/minute.

The simple, practical handling of the HT-series program control was also incorporated here with all its familiar functions; program display on a four-line LCD-display, timer function for sintering overnight or also using drying programs for wet-milled restorations. There are three service programs for servicing the heating chamber and the heating system.



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