The Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner

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Medit i700

The Medit i700 intraoral scanner leads the market with its new features such as incredible speed, imaging technology, improved performance, versatility and value.

Synergy are the oldest, most established and preferred official Medit dealer in Australia.

The Medit i700 is a superior scanning experience unlike any other.

Is it the best scanner available on the market? We think so.

Medit's unsurpassed innovation continues to develop and deliver the best scanning experience, powerful hardware and intelligent software upgrades via Medit link for a scan unlike any other.

For easy entry in digital dentistry, Medit remains the leading brand for dental professionals.

Unleash your Clinic's full potential with the Medit i700.

Synergy are the Medit intraoral scanner specialists.

Take advantage of our expertise, unrivalled customer service, dedicated after-sales support and price-beat guarantee.

We are specialists with everything Medit and everything CAD-CAM rather than being a lab or implant company selling Medit scanners on the side.

Digital dentistry is now the benchmark in which both the dentist and patients enjoy the numerous advantages.

The advanced scanning technology simplifies dental procedures, treatment options and the consultation experience.

180° Reversible Scan Head

The tip is reversible and increasing comfort of use and ease with maintenance whilst at the same time improving the desired angle for optimised patient comfort.

2x Super Speed

The Medit i700 is fast. There’s nothing faster. It scans up to 70 frames per second, twice the speed of the Medit i600 which is no slouch itself. The Medit i700 saves time; big time with rapid scan fast scanning data transfer.

Remote Control Button

Remote-control mode allows clinicians to always keep their hands on the unit, assisting with dental procedures.

Plug & Scan Detachable Cable

The Medit i700 can directly connect to a PC without a power hub or external power adaptor. All you need is a scanner and a single C-USB power delivery cable, eliminating the extra cables required for most cables.

UV-C LED Disinfection

Built-in UV-C disinfection makes the Medit i700 the only device on the market with self-disinfecting capabilities. Just another of the intelligent features of the Medit i700.


Weighing in at only 245 grams, the Medit i700 is exceptionally easy to hold, adding to the seamless scanning process.

Medit never stops evolving scanning systems with continuous product and software upgrades.

Medit Link is a fully open system. Taking digital dentistry to the next level, the Medit i700 makes intraoral scanning easy.

Scan with intelligent features
and Apps specialised for your dental procedures.

Improve consultation experience with your patient to provide better treatment options.

Enhance your communication with labs through a real time cloud-based system.

Video Type

These videos are a key feature enabled with Medit link systems and software. The most advanced videos in digital dentistry.

Vivid Color

3D full colour streaming capture for precise scans and detail-rich, crisp images. 

High Resolution

Easy to locate margin lines and undercuts as well as distinction between tooth structure and soft tissue, thanks to realistic high-resolution images.

Digital Dentistry with Medit Link and Medit Apps

Medit link is a fully open system and is directly connected to hundreds of platforms with a variety of Apps.

Scan data created with with Medit i700 can be linked to the workflow of various solution providers via Medit Link. 

Medit Apps quickly introduce digital workflows using scan data and help you utilise them in a diverse range of cases. You can analyse data, create restorations and improve consulation experience. The powerful hardware and intelligent software truly unleash your clinic's potential.

Medit Crown fit

With Medit Crown Fit, technicians can conduct a modeless crown fitting. After the prepped area and crown data are aligned, the software can reveal where alterations are needed.

Medit Model Builder

Medit Model Builder is designed to create physical models of intraoral scans. Its intuitive workflow equips users with various tools to create a base, attach articulators to check the occlusion, and label it before 3D printing.


Smile Design

Show the patient their future smile with Medit Smile Design. Load in an image of the patient and their teeth, and show them how they could look with treatment.

Medit Membership

You can use, manage and organise your data with the huge cloud storage of up to 10TB for just $1.50 per month. Medit provide software upgrades for free, forever, along with product alerts and free intelligent features through software upgrades.

Easy Communication

By integrating direct communication options, you can quickly communicate with your patients to ensure the desired outcomes. This will not only increase end-product quality, but also save you time, money, and improve customers satisfaction.


With Medit Link Dashboard intelligent software, you can view scan and order status, cloud usage, storage space, and calibration intervals in real time, as well as keep track of daily scans.This allows you to easily and efficiently manage business performance and communicate effectively.

Web viewer & Public sharing

Public Sharing allows you to create links to 3D data and share them with others without the need for them to sign up.

Cloud storage & Scan data synchronisation

Medit Link couples with cloud storage for all digital scan files requiring less drive space. This allows you to work on your scans, easily archive your digital impressions and orders, as well as manage everything remotely. Partners can also easily adjust the working files as required.

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Minimum System Requirement 

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